DIY Snuggie Fashion

Happy August 1st! My school year starts at the end of August, so this month is going to be the Back-to-school month! Hurrah! Whenever I think of the start of school, I think of autumn. Full of colorful leaves . . . and coldness all through the days. So today I am going to share with you a fun DIY to keep you warm while looking fabulous. Let’s get started!

All you will need is:
– Yourself
– a snuggie

The Basics:

Photo 3971. Wear it like it comes. It’s a blanket . . . with sleeves!

Photo 3982. Break the status quo! Wear it backwards, like a robe.

Dress Up Time!

Photo 4083. It’s a bird, it’s a plane . . . it’s SUPERSNUGGIE! Find the sleeves, drape them over your shoulders, tie them together aaand you have a cape (for all your crime fighting needs).

Photo 412Photo 4144. The Hooded Robe. (1) Find the rectangular area above the sleeves. (2) Drape that part over your head. (3) Wrap the sleeves around and tie them together to keep the hood in place. (Optional: add a staff/walking stick.) This look is perfect if you want to be Gandalf the Great, or an uppity world explorer!

Photo 416 Photo 4195. What a strange moss snuggie covered rock! For this look, all you need to do is curl up in a little ball and then cover yourself with the snuggie! Perfect for a performance of Anansi the Spider.

Ready to Wear:

Photo 428 Photo 430 Photo 4316. Snuggie pants!!! (1) Put your legs through the sleeves, letting the rest of the snuggie drape between your legs. Grab the top two corners and pin them together behind your back [see first photo for reference]. (2) Pull the rest of the snuggie through your legs and up behind your back. (3) Drape the corners over your shoulders and pin them together if you like. This is a great shawl and pants look you can wear to school or work!

Now you know how to create some really fashionable looks that will keep you toasty warm throughout the months of autumn and winter. And remember, if you have a young child who needs to keep warm, too, go for the always-fashionable BABY SNUGGIE!

Did you try out any of these looks? Let me know in the comments below!