Three People Walk Into A Bar . . .

This post goes with today’s daily prompt (which was, shhh, my suggestion). :) Enjoy!

Three people walk into a bar, the man at the door smiles, at them, and nods. Music honks and stomps it’s way into the street. A muggy atmosphere hangs over the avenue, filled with music and shouting and singing and laughing.

Four people, a family, watch the three go inside, consult their phones, then walk farther down the road to another bar, and go inside. There, a trombone player takes center stage while a small group of dancers prance in the center of the room.

Christmas lights line the walls, as well as pictures, album covers and old advertising posters for wine and spirits. The older two of the family drink beer while the younger two sip at sparkling water. The youngest reads a Garfield comic collection. The music is very loud.

When the night is over, the family drives back to the house where they are staying, in their little red, rented car.


Well, it wasn’t very funny was it? Hmm. Oh well.

Can you guess where this story takes place? Have any good “three people walk into a bar” jokes? Leave ’em in the comments!