. . . my posting skills are less than satisfactory . . .

Grrr. It is so hard to think of something to write about! Raaaarrrrr!!!
I tried making a post planner (or whatever it’s called) and it worked really well at first. I was planning to document my day during my day, with help from my friends. But I started off the day in a bad mood
and all of my friends were basically passed out in the library
(after 4 days off, you’d think they would be well rested, but apparently not). So I ended up not doing that.
Throughout the evening I have been trying to think up something else to post. When I couldn’t think of anything, I thought, “Why don’t I just do something I planned for later in the week, today?” But then I thought, “NOOOOO, that will mess up my whole schedule!!!” So I didn’t do that. I ended up deciding just to do another update. . .



Well, I guess first period was fine. My little book group got to go out in the hall and draw the whole time. We also started making a skit, which was fun because we got to make funny sound effects and run around. :)

Second period was . . . meh. All we did was fill out a worksheet.

Third period was regular. I drew on my notebook most of the period. I mean, I took notes, too. :)

Fourth period was SO boring and terrible and I hate 4th period science. This is how I felt the entire time.


And then lunch came and I was happy and I started working on a present for my friend who’s birthday is coming up. But I can’t tell you guys what it is because it’s a SECRET. >:D

The rest of the day was fine. And then I went home. And I thought about what to post. And I ended up posting this, hours later. I hope your Tuesday was better than mine. Sorry to sound so sour. Though, sour candy does hold a special place in my heart.